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What is the Selection Process?

While every company has its own way of selection criterion, we can generalize them as the following:

(i)                  Aptitude Test and/or Technical test

(ii)                Psychometric test ( Companies may or may not conduct this)

(iii)               Group Discussions

(iv)              Interviews.

Some companies may not conduct GD

Aptitude Test:

   Aptitude tests are generally designed to test the candidate’s skills in Quantitative Methods, Verbal Ability, and Logical Reasoning. This is generally the filtration round. This test may typically be between 45 min to 90 min. The candidates may be asked to take a Technical test in their domain. Not all companies insist on Technical tests as they consider the semester wise marks of the candidates. Hence consistent Semester marks are very important.

Psychometric Test:

   Some companies subject the candidates to psychometric test as a part of selection process. They may include Personality tests, Emotional Intelligence test etc.  The companies try to see the candidate’s cognitive and non-cognitive skills. If the company has already done the Psychometric profiling of the job and has done some bench marking based on their current employees, it makes it easy for the interviewer to analyze the candidate

Group Discussion:

   A Group Discussion is conducted by companies to test the candidates for specific job roles like marketing etc. Some companies may also ask all the candidates to go through this exercise.

Group Discussion is to test the following skills of candidates -

           Communication skills

           Inter personal skills- listening, speaking, receptiveness, team spirit.

           Clarity of thought - Knowledge and the ability to link known facts



While aptitude test is an elimination tool, GD is considered as selection tool.


The candidates short listed after Aptitude test and GD will be subjected to the interview by the Human Resources Department person of the company. Some time the companies tend to conduct even a Technical interview too.

Interview helps the companies to know the person more.

Merit List

  Every company puts up a merit list or the list indicating the selected candidates and the candidates are offered appointment letters subject to their completing the education in the college.


 The companies visiting the campus are graded by the college and the companies are provided the campus recruitment slots. The best company gets the first slot and they get the best candidates. Some colleges restrict the number of job offers one student can get. If a student appears for the campus recruitment and gets the job offer, he/she is not allowed to appear for another selection process of another company.  Some companies allow students to get up to two or three offers and   allow them to decide on one, with in a stipulated time, so that other students get an opportunity to get placed.

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